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Neuco Distributors is your all-in-one lubrication provider. What started with providing the best cutting fluids on the market has evolved into providing our customers solutions for any and all lubrication needs. From cutting edge synthetics to the tried and true straight oils, we have an answer for every need.

Neuco not only offers the best lubricants, we also offer many products to make sure that your lubricants are performing better than the competition. From equipment designed for sump cleaning and control, to that which ensures your coolant is added at the correct concentration or proportion, we have it all. Neuco also has water treatment systems to ensure your coolants aren’t being mixed with poor water, a common issue. See some of the equipment to help you with that here.


It’s More than Just Oil. It’s Liquid Engineering.
Neuco is the only distributor under the Castrol umbrella that offers Industrial, Mining, Heavy Duty, and Aero & Marine products.


Research, Development & Manufacturing of Metalworking Lubricants
Hangsterfer’s has always been on the “cutting edge” of Metalworking Lubricants, and Neuco carries the full line of their successful products.


Your Single Source Specialty Chemical Supplier
Neuco carries many products from the Dubois Line, including cleaners and lubricants.


The Fluid Part of Your Business Plan
Neuco also offers many products under our own Neuco label. Top-notch cutting fluids, coolants, tapping fluids, degreasers, and cleaners can be found sporting the Neuco tag.


Sunoco Lubricants USA
Neuco is proud to now offer lubricants from Sunoco USA! We carry a full line of products including hydraulic oil, engine oil, transmission fluid, gearbox fluid, and other specialty fluids. Ask us about all that Sunoco has to offer today!


Petron Corporation
Neuco is proud to now products from Petron Corporation! Petron Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company that formulates and manufactures specialty lubricants for Mining, Power, and Cement applications as well as heavy industry worldwide. Inquire today about the innovative products Neuco can offer you from Petron!

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